Memories of Middlehall Farm

Stephen Mills The Covid pandemic had many of us isolating for protracted periods. Some (like me!) probably spent too much time in front of the television, although others used their time more productively, catching up with various things that had been put off for too long. Such was the case with former Eastington resident Dan […]

Eastington’s coal wharf

Stephen Mills For more than two centuries, the Stroudwater Canal was one of Eastington’s most important features. Opened in 1779, its arrival cut through the village, creating an important trade route to the ‘outside’ world. At the time, its impact must have been significant, perhaps as great as when the M5 sliced through the parish […]

A Victorian village tragedy

Readers might recall that in the last edition of the ECN, we talked about how Charles Hooper’s company exhibited woolen cloth made in his Eastington mills at major events around the world. You might also recall a comment that in the late 1860s, on a personal level, things were not good, but we’ll come to […]

OHMG – The Story – Part 4

In the last article, in 2001 ESCA had folded. The task of keeping the Village Hall going alongside trying to repair/improve the pavilion was overwhelming and life goes on, people moved on for other reasons. Around 2002 a new Committee was formed. It was called the ECPWG. This stands for (I had to check and […]

Millend Mill – the great antique sale

By Stephen Mills We’ve talked about some of the mill’s long and interesting history in several previous articles, but this one harks back to an event that most villagers wouldn’t have known about. Briefly, after Millend Mill’s commercial life came to an end, it was eventually taken over by an antiques company who used it […]

OHMG – The Story – Part 3

Eastington Community Centre and Owen Harris Memorial Ground Following on from the two previous articles this one is about ‘fundraising’ and the decades of hard work that has gone in to creating the current facilities that we have at the Owen Harris Memorial Ground today. The first Committee, ESPFA (Eastington Sports and Playing field Association) […]

Octavius T Hulbert, Eastington’s Pied Piper

I recently came across an interesting news article published on the 20th October 1965 in The Sun newspaper concerning one of our long-departed residents – the wonderfully named Octavius T Hulbert. He was remembered in the late Fred Ireland’s memories of Eastington, recorded in 1992, where Fred recalled the celebrations at the end of the […]

Remains of withey beds in Millend

Another slice of history exposed by winter floods Steve Mills’ recent article about the field systems in the Meadows which can best be seen during heavy winter rains, reminded me of another industrial/agricultural system in the field between Millend and Cress Green. Much beloved by dog walkers, as well, many people will identify this as […]

The Eastington Workhouse

By Stephen Mills Everyone has heard about the workhouse. It’s generally viewed as a place of hardship, misery, and absolutely the last resort for desperately poor people. And that was true for many workhouses, especially those in and around the major cities. But in some places, although life in the workhouse might be hard, it […]

OHMG – The Story – Part 1

Eastington Community Centre and Owen Harris Memorial Ground We are very lucky in the Eastington Community to have the great facilities at the Owen Harris Memorial Ground with the Community Centre, wonderful public field and play park areas. All thanks are due to many, many local people who over decades have worked tirelessly as volunteers […]

History beneath our Feet

When archaeologists start to investigate a site, often, one of the first things they do is ‘field walking’. Put simply, this involves walking methodically across a location whilst scanning the surface of the ground for anything that might give a clue to what’s buried beneath. Broken bits of pottery, coins, etc. can often give an […]

Eastington’s Whalebone Arch

Whalebone arches are one of those odd things that pop up in various parts of the world. They usually consist of a whale’s jawbones. Examples in the UK include Whitby, the Isle of Lewis, and Edinburgh. Farther afield they can be found at Isafjordour in Iceland and even a double one in the Falklands Islands. […]

Does Eastington have any Godcakes?

by Stephen Mills I know, you’re probably wondering what on Earth is a Godcake? I wondered the same thing after I heard the term in the recently televised revamped version of Worzel Gummidge. It was aired just before Christmas and starred Mackenzie Crook who also wrote and directed the two-part series. It turns out that […]

Lost cottages – Stephen Mills

Everything eventually wears out or falls to bits, and houses are no exception. Even when they are meticulously maintained, there comes a time when their upkeep simply becomes too much or they no longer fulfil a need. But a bit of background to the two cottages pictured here. Well-known postcard collector Howard Beards from Stroud, […]

A Fishy Trans-Atlantic Connection

We all know who Billy Connolly is and I’m sure many of us are watching his latest 3-part series on ITV of his travels round America – ‘Billy Connolly’s Great American Trail’. The latest episode saw him in the fishing port of Gloucester, Massachusetts, where some of the discussion centred on the history of the […]

Lights in the sky at Cress Green

By Steve Mills We’ve talked about the impact of the Second World War on Eastington in several previous articles, but given the recent events recalling the 75th anniversary of D-Day, it seemed timely to look at a very local but largely forgotten piece of military history that survives within the village. This takes the form […]

Eastington Mews?

Ring any Bells? I think this is the old ‘Eastington Mews’ shop in Alkerton Road. It is an old photo that I found on a facebook group called ‘The Golden Days of The Great British Independent Shopkeeper’ – a group which now seems to have ‘shut up shop’ as it were, so I can get […]