A not-so-lost cottage – mystery solved!

by Stephen Mills

Readers will recall the article about the two ‘lost’ cottages in the previous edition of the ECN. One was identified as the long-demolished Vernal Cottage at Millend. However, the other was a bit of a puzzle and would have remained so without the help of Derek Greenaway, the cottage’s present owner.

It is actually the last cottage on the right hand side of the short lane that fronts the two rows of timber-framed cottages at Churchend. The wall shown in the left hand (old) photo is that of the former kitchen garden of Eastington Park. The gable end with the chimney showing above the wall was the Park gardener’s shed.

Over the years, the cottage itself has been changed considerably, perhaps most notably, by the removal of the rendering to expose the oak frame. The tall chimney was added some time in the early 1940s, constructed using local Stonehouse bricks, and the roof tiles have been replaced by Welsh slates. Extra windows were added top and bottom, probably in the 1970s, although the front door remains in its original position. Since the original photo was taken, the cottage has undergone quite a transformation and it’s no wonder why it was so difficult to identify. Many thanks to Derek for solving the mystery!