Betty Barnfield celebrates her 100 years

Mrs Betty Barnfield (nee Betty Estrelle Everett) celebrated her 100th birthday on the 24th January 2020.

Betty must be one of, if not the longest standing resident of Eastington, having lived here since 1931 and still very much a part of the community. She has always been very involved with life in the village, and is ever ready to welcome visitors for a chat and a coffee – usually laced with a good nip of Bailey’s. (Is this the secret to a long and happy life?)

Betty was a member of the Church Choir at St Michael’s for nearly half a century, was a co-founder of the still popular Eastington Flower and Veg show and was a staunch member of the fondly remembered ‘Bluebells’. She was also the secretary of the Eastington Tennis Club – does anyone remember this? There were two courts and a club house on land that is now farmed by Andrew Cozens.

In addition, she and her husband Bob both belonged to the Eastington Concert Party, giving plays and shows at the Village Hall. Betty and Bob met at Eastington village school, and Bob was church organist for many years.

It is a pity that some of those institutions are no longer there, but Betty is still a member of the WI and Church. She is also is also known to enjoy a quiz, often amazing younger folks with the depth of her knowledge on history and her detailed memories of the war years, and she is rightly proud of her ‘war work’ during those difficult times.

Betty was a member of the WRVS and delivered Meals on Wheels locally for 34 years. She was also a dedicated member of the Eastington Branch of the Royal British Legion Women’s Section and was its treasurer for 43 years.

Betty is a member of the Visually Impaired Club. She still enjoys crosswords, listening to music and ‘talking books’.

Congratulations, Betty, you have certainly put your stamp on Eastington, and we wish you many more happy and fulfilling years to come.

Above, Betty is pictured celebrating with family (three children, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren) and friends in the Village Hall. She particularly requested ‘no presents’, opting instead for donations to the RNIB.