Editorial 180

Dear Readers,

I hope you are all staying as safe and well as possible in these difficult times.
We are all taking the utmost care to stick to all distancing and sanitising advice here and urge everyone to do so.

We hope you like Sarah’s poem on the ‘corona and dren‘ page
– the line ‘you can’t do it on your own’  is one we might all think about!

Fortunately we have our wonderful community here – so many people so willing to provide help for those in need of it. If you are especially vulnerable, or are having symptoms, you will be helping the whole community by letting volunteers help you to stay at home.
So please just ask!

It is our birthday! This issue, number 180,
represents 30 continuous years of ECN.

We may have to take a little break now if things do not improve – but “we will be back”!


We thought that it was important to bring you this issue of the ECN

● To share what information we can
● To bring you details of where to turn for help if you are stuck
● To encourage and help organise our local volunteers (THANK YOU!!)
● To embrace our wonderful sense of community, and keep it alive
● – and to give you something to read in the long dark hours!…

Our dedicated band of delivery-people have all willingly agreed to deliver this edition during their daily exercise walks. We have taken every care to ensure that distancing and good hygiene practices have been observed throughout the productions and delivery process.

However, sadly, if the situation does not improve we may have to cancel subsequent issues until it does.  If this happens, advertising that has been paid for will be rolled forward into better times – thank you for your support and understanding.

Stay at home and stay safe
Jan, Tom and Mary