Corona and Children

School related questions – there is a lot of information on, but if you can’t find your answer, there is a dedicated phone line and email address to help parents with all school related enquiries, including questions relating to Free School Meals
Tel: 01452 426015 or email

There are some really good free learning and entertainment resources on the Teachers Pet website

Also have a look at and


There are some nice children’s books that you can download for free


To access a wealth of resources from UCL University College London, use this shortlink:
(- a page that is a bit hard to find otherwise)
– for children of all ages

Here is  poem written by Sarah Chatterton for her nephew – and now shared widely on Facebook. I have tried to get in touch, but I am sure she will not mind me reproducing it here.

My name is Connie Corona
I come from far away
I really need to get back home
I really didn’t want to stay

There was a creature in the sky
I’ve heard it was a bat
I wanted an Adventure
So I attached myself to that.

It flew me to a country
I didn’t know anyone there
And the world it took a hold of me
And carried me through the air.

I know I’ve scared a few
But I would like you to be calm
I only wanted to explore,
I never meant to cause you harm.

I would like to return to my family
So as a country you must unite
Please all stay at a distance
This is the only way to fight

You need to wash your hands
And play some games at home
But everyone needs to do this
You can’t do it on your own

There’s lots of things to do
Build a den, paint or bake,
Draw a lovely picture
There’s lots of things to make.

Sit down and watch a film
Create a game of your own
All of these will help
To return me to my home

The adults are not being mean
They do this because they care
They will lift me back in space
And travel me through the air

A couple of months is all it takes
To do the things I’ve said
Then I’ll be back with my family
At home and in my bed

I will let you know, and thank you
For all the work you’ve done
Then you can go back outside
And be kids who just have fun.