Editorial 181 – no printed magazine

Hello fellow lock-downers,

We have reluctantly decided not to publish a printed magazine for June/July 2020.  Last time there was a huge amount of new information that we thought it was important to get ‘out there’ – especially for those without easy internet access.  Right now, however, there is less to justify the slight extra risk that may be associated with the door to door deliveries, however much care we take –  so we are just planning on a bumper edition for August, when things will be so much better – won’t they?

All advertising will be rolled over for an extra edition into next year, and in August we will offer our supporting businesses space to tell us all where they are at.

The main thing that we really do have to say at this point is a HUGE number of THANK YOUs!

  •  to the the brilliant NHS and all you wonderful KEY WORKERS, of course
  • but also  to all you fantastic Eastington residents that have given so much time, effort and donations to help those self-isolating or just plain isolated in these difficult times.
    Especially to:-

    • The wonderful Village CO-OP for all their help with deliveries
    • The fabulous BADGER – for donating so many free meals to those in need
    • The amazing gang of Eastington VOLUNTEERS who have delivered shopping and the Badger meals, collected prescriptions, walked dogs, run errands and generally made life possible for those stuck for help.
    • Everyone else who has helped someone in any way-

– and if you do need help, please see our coronavirus page for some helpful links and phone numbers.   Let me know if you have anything to add to this.

If we have to have this awful virus and all the restrictions that come with it, then Eastington is a pretty good place in which to do it!   Thank you.

We hope that you are enjoying the sunshine, at least.

Jan, Tom and Mary.