Coronavirus – Covid 19 – advice April 1st 2020

Well, here we are in lockdown and struggling to not let this thing get too much on top of us. Being isolated , whether you are sick or well, is no joke at all, but there is a HUGE amount of goodwill in Eastington and people really want to help you – do not struggle on your own – see following pages for where to turn to for help.
In addition, we are all being snowed under with information, guidelines, public notices, advice and instructions – we have tried to summarise some of the more important bits .

First and foremost all these rules! The point is that you, anyone you know or meet,and just about anything you touch – as well as recently breathed, coughed or sneezed air – just might be carrying the virus. It can get into (and out of) your body through your eyes, nose or mouth, and may hide itself – so be aware and be sensible. For most of us, the rules really boil down to these simple mantras:-

1. Stay at home
2. Stay 2 metres (6 feet) away from other people
3. Wash hands – use tissues – don’t touch your face

Obviously, in real life, it is not as simple as that; we need to go out to get food, medical attention, exercise, to do essential work and to help others – and there is not always space to maintain our distance. We have to make decisions, and we must all think hard about those, but we can only do our best.

However, if you know or suspect that you have come into contact with the infection then there are no decisions – you must enlist the help of others to maintain ‘total’ isolation fully for 14 days or until any dry cough or fever have subsided (at least 7 days) . Even within your house. You should also get help to shield yourself by fully self-isolating long term if you are especially vulnerable due to ill health or superior age.

Please keep up do date with all current Government guidelines at

(If you cannot get online, please make sure that someone can do this for you).

Our thanks and gratitude go to those who really do have to put themselves at risk every day to ensure that the rest of us can eat and be looked after when we need it.

Our sympathies go to all who are ill, as well as to the many small businesses that we have in Eastington who are now closed, and to all whose livelihoods are severely affected.

So how do we make this bearable?

If you are well and in reasonably good circumstances, then do not waste a good crisis! Take the opportunity to learn something new, follow a shy ambition to paint or write or get ‘crafty’. If you are a family try to enjoy each others’ company (not always easy!) – respect each others space but do share some time to invent family games or projects or watch a film together.

There is loads of inspiration on-line if that is available to you – if not, reach out.

Do try to get a new daily routine going and make sure that you do get some exercise and proper sleep.

Keep in regular touch with friends and family using whatever digital means you have (try Zoom for a family conference!) And write, send cards (hand made of course) or telephone those who are not so connected. If you do not know your neighbours very well, a postcard popped through the door could make a new phone-friend. It’s a really good idea to have the phone numbers of those around you in any case.

Most of us are fortunate enough to have a garden – this may be your greatest asset – make good use of it!

We will all need each other as thing goes on – so whether you are fit and able or less so, do make the effort to contact other people and always be ready both to ask for help and to give it in whatever form that may be.