Parish Matters Dec. 2020

I hope you are all well and coping with this second lockdown. I would like to think we can look forward to as near a normal Christmas as possible. It is with much sadness that I have to report the death of Jill Simmons. She passed away on October 21st and will be greatly missed […]

Eastington Community Land Trust Ltd. (ECLT)

Eastington Community Land Trust Ltd. (ECLT) Providing the affordable homes that Eastington needs   Completing 23 homes in December 2020 After seven months of working under Covid-compliant procedures, E G Carter will deliver all 23 homes in December, exactly as they promised in May post-lockdown. That is very impressive project management, not only of managing […]

Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue

Thank you for your support of this charity which cares for and rehabilitates sick and injured hedgehogs. We are remaining open to admissions during lockdown. If you find a sick or injured hedgehog, please call us to arrange a no-contact handover. Hedgehog admissions: 07949 976717 General Enquiries: Hibernation guide Hibernation is a natural part […]


In previous years volunteers have organised a group Halloween Walk around the village, however we were unable to do this in 2020 due to social distancing. We therefore came up with the idea of a Halloween Trail during Autumn half term, 19th – 30th October, which could raise funds for Eastington School. The trail featured […]

Be a good neighbour

Dog Mess We know that most of you are civilised people and pick up after your dog. If you are not one of these people, yet, please read on. You would not leave your own poo on people’s doorsteps, or gardens or on the pavement, would you? Then why leave your dog’s?? (Or allow your […]

Coronavirus Help

Eastington Volunteers Coronavirus Helpline A big thank you to all the kind volunteers who have been answering calls on the Eastington Volunteers Coronavirus helpline, keeping a watchful eye on the face book page, and helping wherever they can. We have closed the phone line for the time being as there have been no calls for […]

St Michael and All Angels Church

St Michael and All Angels Church, Eastington remains open for private prayer and reflection between the approximate hours of 9am-3pm (light and weather permitting) Thursdays to Sundays. At the time of writing, it is unclear what the situation will be for Church services, both online and in Church buildings from December 2020. For the latest […]

Editorial 183

Hello Everyone,, The evenings are really drawing in now, and there can be little doubt that our half of the world is slowly turning that little bit further away from the sun. But with that comes the harvest – which, if the community orchard is anything to go by, has been a bumper one. Even […]

Parish Matters 183

As I am writing this, the summer seems to have deserted us. I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the sunshine while it was around – and I hope you are all staying safe as Covid-19 rears its ugly head again. We are still having problems with litter in the Playpark and I become […]

Poppy Appeal 2020

Covid-19 has affected our society in many ways, and the Poppy Appeal is not exempt. The Appeal will go ahead, steps have been taken to ensure all Poppy Appeal activity is safe and in alignment with both national and regional regulations. There will be new ways to support the Appeal, but sadly the traditional door […]

Eastington Horse & Dog Show

Unfortunately, due to the COVID 19 restrictions, we have been unable to hold this year’s show. The Committee would like to thank the Sponsors and all who have supported us in the past years and hope we will be up and running next year. As you may know, the Show has been going for 80 […]

Horses at Swallowcroft

It’s lovely to see the horses in the fields behind Swallowcroft, but please do not try to feed them – even with pulled up grass. Horses can very easily be made ill by eating the wrong thing – (and almost everything is the wrong thing!!) – and please do not enter their field, horses are […]


We are absolutely delighted to have welcomed all of our children back to playgroup this term. It’s been great to see so many of the children whom attended with us before lockdown and meet some new friends who are starting out on their playgroup journey. All children (and parents) have adapted really well to the […]

Eastington Cricket Club

2020 has been a very difficult and different season to normal. First of all the good news: We have retained the Stroud League Division 1 Champions Cup from last year as it is not relevant this year. It still sits proudly on the captain’s piano! We arranged 3 pre season net sessions in March and […]

Eastington Community Land Trust

ECLT Project One Fullers Close NOW Available for bids on Homeseeker Aster Homes began advertising 12 of the Fullers Close properties for rent, via the Homeseeker Plus lettings system. The following are avaiable for bidding until October 6th : 1 x Three bed semi 6 x Two bed semi 2 x First Floor one bed […]

Community Centre

Eastington Community Centre and Owen Harris Memorial Ground All on the Committee are hoping that everyone in our vibrant Community is well and that you are all coping with all the continual changes that we have to deal with due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Things seem to be changing by the day and as […]

Wild Hogs Hedgehog rescue

Hedgehog admissions 07949 976717 General enquiries   Although the weather is starting to feel more Autumnal, we are still getting reports of hedgehogs giving birth to litters. Please be aware that there may be nests in compost bins, under sheds or decking and in areas of undergrowth. If you disturb a nest, please call […]