Coming in June the Stanley Players’ presents two murder mystery comedies!

In Michael Snelgrove’s Hidden Meanings a Fraud Squad investigator looking into the disappearance of £300,000 from a company’s accounts, doesn’t expect to walk in on Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, or to find himself investigating a case of murder. But in this hilarious farce, nothing is quite what it seems, and every character has a guilty secret to hide.

David Tristram’s Murder in Little Grimley is the latest instalment of his much loved series. It follows the exploits of the sole four members of an amateur dramatic society. Clashes in personality ensure rehearsals are always colourful. However, as opening night of their latest murder mystery approaches, things take a darker turn leaving the cast wondering if life has been imitating art.

Join us for a night of entertainment and laughter at 7:30pm on 23rd, 24th and 25th June at Kings Stanley Village Hall, GL10 3PN.
Tickets available at or by calling 07547 905708.