Editorial 191 – Feb 2022

Hello Everyone – and a Very Happy New Year to you.

New Year Resolutions? Dry-anuary? Veganuary? Hmm it can all get a bit pressurised. I think the trick must be to make sure that any ‘New You’ decisions you make really do suit your own life and personality.

Class 3 in our school seem to have it cracked. Their resolutions are based on the values of:

” ….kindness at the heart of everything we do
… look after ourselves, each other and the wider world
… be the best we can be”.

No arguing with any of that – but if these sound a bit high-minded and vague, just note how straightforwardly the children have translated them into all the simple day-to-day things that they do and love doing. Worth thinking about!

But whether you are trying for a new you for 2022 or are happy enough with the old one, we hope you enjoy this edition of your ECN.

Jan, Tom and Mary