Meet the Eastington Wombles!

As I am sure most of you know, the Wombles are shy and wonderful little creatures that keep the place clean and tidy by collecting rubbish.

Originally from Wimbledon common, they have spread all over the world, and we are lucky to have our very own pack here in Eastington – in the person of Tina Davies and all her hard working helpers.

They have been quietly collecting up rubbish and making Eastington a much nicer place to live over the last few months.

Wombles would like you to Recycle, Re-use and Re-think before throwing away – and if you do throw away, to do so responsibly. Sadly, there are some people who seem to find this difficult (it isn’t) and for the benefit of everyone else it’s Wombles to the Rescue!

Thank you, Wombles – you are very much appreciated.

I should also add that Wombles have a lot of fun!

Womble hunts are often undertaken in packs, with a big celebration at the end – such as a socially distanced coffee at the Big Green Bus in the OHMG car park . At the moment, of course, social distancing is paramount, and hunts can also be made alone or in small or family groups.

Mini Wombles are always welcome. In Womble culture, little Wombles only get their name when they start hunting, and they choose one from Uncle Bulgaria’s great book of names – which includes all the wonderful-sounding place names you can think of, such as Tobermory, Orinoco, Bungo, Alderney and Tomsk.

The Wombles have been wombling in and all around Eastington and have collected sackfuls and sackfuls of rubbish and litter that would otherwise be spoiling our beautiful village. They even have a facebook page. If you would like to know more, or join in with the hunts, you can visit them on Facebook – search for Eastington Wombles – or you can send an email to and we will make sure it gets to them.

The next organised hunt is scheduled for Sunday 11th April, during the Easter holidays, and you are very welcome to take part.

Meet (not too closely!) In front of the Kings Head at 10 am, and afterwards in the OHMG car park if you wish, to celebrate your haul.

Tina will organise bags, and you can also help by buying your very own wombling stick for litter-picking.

You can womble at any time – let the Wombles know about any hauls you make!