Editorial 186

Hello Everyone,

Here we are in print again, and lockdown is slowly easing just a little bit – but let’s remember it is ‘just a little’ for now and not spoil all the progress so far by forgetting the rules. ‘Hands, Face, Space’ is still really important!

It was very pleasing (a little smug-making?!) to see that the Times Newspaper has voted the Stroud area the Best Place to live in the UK. Their article said that “Stroud is spoilt for choice with excellent schools, transport links and countryside” but “… even better, it has a strong community spirit and knows how to celebrate all things local”. Eastington has always shown that Community Spirit really is the thing that makes a place worth living in!

I do hope that you managed to access the ‘on-line only’ version of ECN last time. We would appreciate any comments you have on the website and on print vs. on-line for ECN in the future.

We do need your input to be your ECN!

We are coming to the end of our financial year and need to make decisions about and organise our advertising going forward. Some fresh thinking would be really helpful Рif you might fancy volunteering as our Advertising Manager Рor have any other help/ideas or comments to offer, please get in touch Рby email, via facebook or in the post, contact details are in the magazine.   Many Thanks.

Wishing you a happy (and hopefully sunny) Eastertime.

Tom, Jan and Mary