Join our campaign for safer streets in Eastington.

Dear Neighbour,

We are new residents at Fullers Close and use the Claypits/Alkerton Road to walk into Eastington village on a daily basis. We have found it to be a difficult and sometimes dangerous experience.

As part of their home education, I have been helping my children carry out some fieldwork to collect evidence for a community petition; Campaign for Safe Speed Limit in Eastington. Upon assessing the area, we have found there to be no sources of information for road users to indicate that the road is regularly used by pedestrians. On 3/2/21 the children tallied the frequency of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists between 10.15am and 11.15am. The numbers are as follows: 84 vehicles, 13 pedestrians (6 children) and 8 cyclists. We have also observed that there is a high number of heavy-duty vehicles due to the local trading, construction and waste management facilities and nearby farms.

We know that our request is not novel, however with a second new estate in development, even more families and elderly individuals will be coming into the area who need safe access to the village. The composition of road users along the Claypits/Alkerton Road has, and is still, changing and this suggests a need for greater safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

We are asking for the traffic authorities to review and extend the village speed limit of 30mph with additional street lighting along Alkerton Road and Claypits up to the A38 junction, and to consider effective engineering/geometry changes to the road such as a wider pavement, safety barriers at road crossings and/or a cycle path. We also ask for traffic calming measures to be considered such as warning signs, a vehicle-activated sign, pedestrian crossings and/or a higher barrier on the M5 motorway bridge.
If you would like to help create a safer road environment fit for purpose, please  print and fill in the form, or contact us as below..  We plan to collect your responses and present this along with our field research to the council and highway authorities.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Lucy, Jasper and Poppy


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Please return this slip to 8, Fullers Close, Eastington, GL10 3WF.
Alternatively, you can find the online petition here –
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Thank you.

We will keep you updated with our call for action