Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue – July 2020

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: We are still accepting hedgehog admissions.
If you have found a hedgehog in distress, please call us on 07949 976717 .We may ask for more details over the phone to minimise contact – please do not come to the centre without calling first..

Many of us are now leaving our lawns to grow longer, and the wildlife is really benefitting from the flowers and grasses that are growing. However, when it comes to cutting, please do check carefully for hedgehogs. They are well camouflaged as the photos show.

Without the use of a thermal camera, it would be impossible to see if a hedgehog was hiding in the grass, so before you cut, please just walk through the area and check. Sadly, we’ve had several hedgehogs come into the rescue lately with horrendous injuries.
Please take care.

This time of year is also hoglet season and we’ve had some of our youngest residents join us at the Rescue.
Hedgehogs nest under decking and sheds, and in compost heaps so please take care when dismantling these as you may disturb a nest. If you do, please call us immediately for advice.


We have launched the plans for our new Rescue!

This is a much needed upgrade to give us space to help many more hedgehogs, provide educational sessions and activities and help us to fund the rescue longer-term.

The rescue currently has capacity for 21 hogs in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 21 hogs in rehabilitation. Over the past few years, admissions have increased to over 300 per year and simply put, we need more space!
We are fundraising to acquire an acre of land in the local area along with purpose buildings.

Thanks to all those who have already donated. Please support us by visiting www.hoghub.org.uk so we can help more hedgehogs that need our care.

Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue has been running since 2010.
The Rescue is a registered charity, No: 1168800
It rehabilitates over 300 hedgehogs every year.