Eastington Community Land Trust


ECLT Project One

Fullers Close site is open again and building our 23 houses

After six weeks in limbo, E G Carter re-opened the Fullers Close site in Claypits on 15th May. New proceedures dictated a change of methods and a slower rate of progress but comparing these two photos shows what had been achieved in the eight weeks to mid-July.
On the left, a single building (actually four flats) with a forest of scaffolding in May. In the right hand photo, five more buildings in progress mid July. The flats, now without scaffolding, are the brick wall on the right of picture, with a pair of 3-beds, two pairs of 2-bed homes and a wee bungalow in the distance.

E G Carter’s Covid-compliant procedures say that only one trade can operate in one unit at a time and on my last visit there was a chippie in number 16, a sparkie on final fix in number 18 and someone masking up the kitchen worktops in number 15 ready for tiling and plasterers in 13/14.

Here is the most advanced, flat 18, with some shrouding removed for ECN’s benefit. Photo taken during tradesmen’s lunch break.

We remain optimistic that the whole site will be completed around Xmas.

Those of you registered on Homeseeker Plus should look out for the first homes being advertised in early September. Homes will be advertised on Homeseeker Plus for 3 weeks instead of the usual 1 week to make sure nobody is unlucky enough to miss the opportunity to bid.

NB. ECLT has no part in the Homeseeker process, apart from having organised the priority criteria for local people through a legal agreement with Stroud DC and Aster Homes.
Please see our website: https://eastingtonclt.uk


ECLT Project Two

23 new affordable homes will not be enough to meet current needs

Housing Needs Survey 2013/14

ECLT was founded in 2013 to organise the building of affordable homes needed in the parish. This was quantified in 2014 as being 23 homes for affordable rent, in an independent Housing Needs Survey.

Project One was instigated and is within months of completion after 5 years’ effort by the ECLT Board.

Housing Needs Survey 2019

Parish Council commissioned a repeat of the 2013/14 independent survey in mid 2019. Every household in the Parish had a form to fill if they needed a new home within five years. The response was significantly more than five years perviously, quite possibly because the sight of real homes being built for local people, all for affordable rent, had given folks confidence that Eastington really can do this.

The 2019 report revealed apparent needs for:

    • 20 homes for market purchase
    • 18 homes for affordable shared ownership
    • 33 homes for affordable rent

The 20 homes for market purchase are avialable in Great Oldbury and so do not fall into ECLT’s remit.

Taken together, the 51 homes identified for affordable housing is far more than Fullers Close (ECLT Project One) can provide. 51 into 23 won’t go.

ECLT therefore began planning for Project Two late in 2019, aiming for 25 to 30 affordable homes. As we have learned, it takes several years to achieve a finished scheme and so ECLT Trustees felt able to take on this new challenge. We have little responsibility for Project One now that Aster Homes and E G Carter are executing the plans we designed at Fullers Close, releasing our energy to focus on Project Two.

Progress on Project Two

ECLT have obtained government grants of £72,000 so far to do all the background research needed to start planning another site: ground surveys, acoustic surveys, ecology studies, architects outline masterplan and associated civil engineering analysis. A Solar Fund grant of £8,000 has been approved by the Parish Council as the local contribution to the project.

When we have an architects drawing that suits our requirement, we will share it with parishioners. Normally, this would be by Drop-in Displays at the village hall but this is not possible with Covid-19. Instead, details of the draft layouts will be delivered to every household, with a return form to express your views and suggestions. This will not be the final layout by any means but the first step in keeping everyone informed, stage by stage of the planning process.


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