Eastington Community Orchard Group – July 2020

Many of us are looking forward to a bumper crop of apples and pears on our trees this summer, helped by the warm sun in May and then the rain to grow the buds.

Our own Eastington Community Orchards at Coneygree Community Orchard (by the Church) and Brownings Community Orchard (behind the Kings Head), are looking good too, although the fruit is still very young and bitter (as those who have picked, taken a bite and thrown the apple back on the ground have found!!) .

The Eastington Community Orchard Group (ECO) has been planning for the apple and pear harvest in the autumn and will still be producing juice – so we are pleased to repeat our offer to you –
Bring your apples and pears to either my house – Middlehall Farmhouse, or Tom Low’s Hazel Cottage, Millend. We will press, pasteurise and bottle, then return to you your share of bottles of the juice.

We will aim to sell the remainder to fund the maintenance and development of both Coneygree Orchard and Brownings Orchard as Eastington community places

Sadly it’s still hard to see how we could safely celebrate our Apple Days as public events as we have in previous years. But, we are watching the news carefully and will let everyone know if it seems to be possible to get together to press the fruit – watch for an update in ECN October edition.

Meanwhile during the last year, ECO have made great progress in both Coneygree and Brownings Community Orchard, installing paths and picnic tables and maintaining both as delightful family places to enjoy.

Conygee’s new paths and circular bench in 2019, before social distancing!
Plenty scope for family groups and it’s wide enough for 2 couples to be 2 metres apart.
Please go and explore safely!



Places for quiet contemplation, too




Wendy Fabbro