Corona – scams

It is so hard to believe that there are some inhuman people out there who would take advantage of vulnerable people in this world-wide time of trouble.

However this is the case, so on top of everything else, we now have to watch out for this.

One unpleasant scam recently was targeting the parents of people on free school meals, sending a text asking for bank details ‘to ensure that they continued to receive meals’. Others offer instant loans or pretend to be your phone company, your insurer or your bank and they have very sophisticated ways of appearing genuine. If any offer is made to you out of the blue it is unlikely to be for your benefit.

Never respond to to any request for your details. Even if something appears to be genuine but you were not aware of it beforehand then check it out thoroughly – tomorrow! Scammers will always try to rush you into doing something NOW. Nothing is that urgent, whatever they say.

Another cruel and wicked attempt to part you from your money is to offer for sale ‘medicines’ that will cure or protect you from the virus. At the present time, these do not exist. Full stop.

This is really hard for people who need a little help – after all you have to trust someone. Just make sure that it was you who asked for the help and that any offer is in direct response to your request. Don’t be afraid to ask for details from any caller – ask someone else to check them out for you if you are suspicious. No-body genuine will ever be offended!