corona – Pets, Gloves, Knobs and Knockers

Animals do not seem to be susceptible to the virus in the same way that we are, but can act as a carrier because they are a surface that we touch. Any ‘touch’ can transfer the virus to – and from – your hands, and it can live on surfaces for hours or even days. However, the virus does becomes inactive much more quickly (perhaps within a day) on dry/porous surfaces like paper, fabric (and fur) than it does on hard surfaces like steel or plastic.

(If you are walking your neighbours dogs, you might want to provide your own lead, poop-scoop etc.)

The virus does not invade you through your skin – it gets in through your eyes, nose and mouth – which we tend to touch (a lot!) with our hands.

Gloves do not really offer much protection at all in this regard – unless possibly they remind you not to touch your face. Disposable gloves, (or gloves that can be thoroughly washed/sanitised) may be helpful in some circumstances to relive your poor washed-raw hands.

Hard surfaces that are touched by many people – especially all knobs, knockers, bell pushes, door edges etc are a great way for the virus to get around. Especially those on your front door or gate.

Soap and water, dilute bleach and alcohol based cleaners are all good virus killers. (Not necessarily all ‘anti-bacterial’ wipes etc will do the job so well – read the small print!)

Please sanitise your front door/gate touch points after any callers/deliveries