PROWD – Public Rights of Way Defenders

By the time you read this, the Vernal Equinox (20th March) will have already happened!! So, ‘ Spring ‘ has arrived although we have hardly had a ‘ Winter ‘ as it has been so unseasonably mild, with so many Spring flowers appearing early.
It has been a good time for walking our lovely footpaths, and thanks to two generous donations by local residents, Miss Daphne Du Pre and Westend Office Suites, there are now two new kissing gates on footpath EEA22 which runs South of Mole Grove and connects Westend with Nupend. In fact, Nupend has many interesting footpaths and bridleways to explore, which allows longer walks for the more able.

The long awaited kissing gate at Fromebridge Mill has now been delivered and should be installed by mid April.

There are other on-going discussions with regard to other paths which will be reported when I have more information.

Those of you who are interested in saving an old, and well used path that runs through the field ( with recent new fencing ) from the top of Swallowcroft to Cress Green, can contact me for information on what action can be taken. If you don’t fight for your paths…… it’s easy to lose them!!!!!
Best wishes for a good walking year ahead, Bill Edwards ( Public Rights Of Way Defenders ) 01453 824452