First Eastington Brownies

Our Mamma Mia sleepover in January was a huge success and the Brownies all wanted to know when we could do it again! I never knew that so many meatballs could be eaten in one sitting, (they were absolutely enthralled by the concept of Smash, and that you could make mash without a potato) next time they do want to peel the potatoes though!
We all had a fabulous time in our Abba costumes dancing around to Swedish hits of the past in a girl only space – in a way that they never would behave if Girlguiding wasn’t a girl only space.
They really did have a midnight feast, or at least 11.57pm, unfortunately one brownie could not be woken by her friends, and was devastated the next day to discover she had missed out on the feast! Despite the leaders not hearing a thing about the feast; I do confess to hiding the popcorn, I didn’t think it would be very sleep inducing to have popcorn loose in sleeping bags.

Everyone achieved the Swedish Song Challenge and there wasn’t a jot of home-sickness, so next time we are venturing further afield; – can’t wait to see which theme they choose for us.


We had a beautiful Thinking Day ceremony with candles of different colours shining out in the dark to remind us of girl guides and girl scouts all over the world. Thinking Day is 22nd February every year, it was the joint birthdays of Lord & Lady Baden Powell so is very fitting that we remember everyone around the world. We also celebrated Chinese New Year, where the girls learnt a new skill by playing a Malteser game with chopsticks (they then ate the Maltesers, obviously).

We carried on the food theme by cooking pancakes over a tea light for shrove Tuesday and smothering them in Nutella, yes you really can eat them.

Finally, big Congratulations to Ella & Ava for being our first Brownies to achieve a Gold Award in the transition year of the new Brownie programme. This was possible because they had both completed the 3 Adventures parts of the old programme and made their Brownie Promise; in addition they did 3 of the new Interest badges, taught the other brownies a game about the fun they have had at Brownies and visited their new Guide unit to find out all about Guides.
Congratulations girls you have been fabulous Brownies – enjoy your time at Guides and look out for those international opportunities. We will really miss you both.

If you would like to join 1st Eastington brownies please contact
Pauline Dobson, 01453 825577,