Parish Council News – 22nd November 2021

The Snakey Park play area was very popular throughout the summer and all the play equipment has had heavy use. Many thanks to the volunteers who have kept the play area clean and tidy and have carried out small maintenance tasks to keep it all working. The parish council arranged for a full inspection of the equipment, including the zip wire and single point swing in November, to ensure the continued safety and stability of the apparatus. Work has also been carried out on replacing areas of worn matting around the play equipment.
The council recently arranged for The Cross to be tidied up, with weeds and old shrubs removed, and the ground prepared ready for planting. Planting will take place over the next few weeks to include shrubs and bulbs.

The memorial garden is now a lovely peaceful area with benches and a bird table. The parish council has decided to turf the area for the time being, as a low-cost easy maintenance option. We are also appointing a contractor to plant up the 30 or so troughs around the village, so we should have a lovely display in the Spring.

The parish council is aware of residents’ concerns regarding the increase in traffic through the village and the dangers of speeding vehicles. Regular speed checks have been carried out by the police throughout the year with many motorists being caught and fined. However, while this inevitably deters some drivers from speeding, it continues to be an issue. We have been told this is a county-wide problem. The parish council is working with Highways to come up with additional measures, particularly along Bath Road and Claypits where we are working with Highways to purchase a mobile Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) to be used to reinforce drivers’ awareness of their speed and flag when they are exceeding the 30mph limit. Gloucestershire County Council are working on a new policy for a county wide 20mph residential speed limit to be introduced in Gloucestershire. This would be done in conjunction with the police and local people. The parish council has registered its support for this policy.

In October a new bus shelter was installed at the Puddlesworth Turn bus stop near Fuller’s Close, just in time to provide some shelter over the winter.

Shortly, two wooden stiles in Nupend are being replaced with kissing gates for improved access to footpaths and 3 new bins have been installed around Great Oldbury to increase the capacity as greater numbers of people are walking in the area. The council urges everyone to put their litter in the public bins, including bagged dog waste, or take it home and put it in their own household wheelie bin.

The parish council is in the process of purchasing a defibrillator for Great Oldbury. It will be fitted to the front entrance of the Travelodge, so it can be easily accessed by the residents and visitors of Great Oldbury. This is an addition to the 5 defibrillators already placed around the village.
● Old Badger Inn – GL10 3AT
● OHMG – GL10 3AQ
● Church – GL10 3SB
● Westend Suites – GL10 3SL
● John Stayte Services on Fence GL10 3AH

The defibrillators are easy to use, and I will arrange some training material to be available so that parishioners will be aware of how to use them.

Marianne Simpson
Parish Clerk – Eastington Parish Council
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