ECO – The Eastington Community Orchard

The Eastington Community Orchard is a great way of bringing us all together by using Apples and Pears!

Sounds a really mad idea – but it’s already proven a big success!

ECO group Volunteers have long been planting and looking after apple, pear and other fruit fruit trees in the orchard along the pathway between Springhill (near Eastington Park) and the Church. This orchard – the very first we planted – is called Coneygree Orchard – and for the best part of a decade now, its trees have been growing tall and proud and its paths and benches have been well used by many.

So successful has this been that the ECO members have opened a second community orchard. This is more central to the village and is reached via the little lane alongside the Kings Head, opposite the village Cross. This orchard is known as Brownings Orchard and although much younger than Coneygree, is already beginning to take shape with its own collection of fruit trees and bushes. It even has its own community pond which helps to maintain biodiversity.

Never been there?- you should go! (But beware it is a still bit muddy in bad weather – more paths to come!)

The BIG QUESTION now however, is how best to take advantage
of these two marvellous community assets in the coming year?
We would like to organise some community-based events in the orchards, where everyone, can just come along and enjoy being outside with plenty of others. It’s really just a case of what should we do and when?

You will soon be invited to join us for a meeting at which your ideas can be suggested, discussed and some set in motion. You don’t have to be a current member of ECO, just someone who cares about nature in our village and enjoys its community. Watch notice boards and on facebook for dates and venue and please do come along. Please also feel free to email us at If there is any orchard based event you would like to see or be a part of.

The ECO group’s whole purpose is to use nature, and fruit trees in particular, to benefit the community and you’d be amazed at how a few apples and pears gives plenty of Eastington residents a chance to keep in touch.

The Eastington Community Orchard a great way of bringing us together by using Apples and Pears!