Playgroup – learning is fun even in the rain

We are so pleased to be back at playgroup and to have come back to so many happy faces. We have been blessed with the good weather, which has meant lots of fun at the allotment and exploring our surrounding environment.

The children have been learning about decay and change by helping to compost their snack and lunchtime waste and walking to the allotment to dispose of it. We talk about what can be composted and the children sort this at meal times and we have talked about how it breaks down.

As well as the unexpected sunshine we have enjoyed, we have had just as much fun in the rain!
Splashing in puddles comes with so many learning opportunities and the children talk about what happens to the water when we jump into the puddles, how they are formed and what is appropriate clothing to wear to participate.

‘There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing’.

We have a strong emphasis on exploratory play at Eastington Playgroup, and very much encourage the children to have their own ideas on how to do things and develop their own thinking through play opportunities. We provide boxes and blocks every session and encourage the children to use these to represent other objects in their play; instead of giving them a stable for horses they have the resources to use their imagination to create one.

We have been exploring different tools; making potions when given flower petals, water, lemons and limes. We notice that the children’s language and thinking really develops through these activities as the children talk about what they are doing and investigate what happens and changes as they explore.

We are hoping that we will be able to hold some exciting fundraising events this academic year, and are hoping to be able to hold our sell out Bingo night again, early next year. So please keep an eye out for future posts where we will have more information on these.

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