Eastington Primary School – new entrants to Year 1

The Year One children in Class 1 have welcomed twenty new reception children to the class this term. Our new children have settled into school life really well. They are learning new routines, making new friends, enjoying the new equipment in our outdoor area as well as exploring our environment at Forest School every Wednesday afternoon.
We asked the children what they have enjoyed about starting their school journey. Here are their thoughts:

Behati – “I like bringing my lunchbox to school”.
Charlie – “Playing with other people”,
Keira – “I like my friends and colouring”.
Maisy – “I like playing with the dolls”.
Clemmie – “I like starting to play on the bikes”.
Ella – “I like going outside and building”.
George – “I like drawing”.
Sienna – “I like playing with the animals”.
Arlo – “I like playing in the sand”.
Yasmin – “I like playing with playdough and playing outside”.
Patrick – “I like going outside”.
Eddie – “I like building with the Duplo”.
Holly – “I like playing outside”.
Finley – “I like going in the garden and playing in the house”.
Jesse – “I like playing in the house outside”.
Jonty- “I like playing outside”.
Freya – “I like playing Peppa Pig”.
Aleiyah – “I enjoy going outside”.
Eva – “I like the playdough”.
Jaxson – “I like learning sounds”.

The Year One children have also discussed what they enjoy about being the eldest in the class!
Scarlett – “I like maths 25 Club”.
Oscar – “I like learning new sounds”.
David – “I like learning”.
Reggie – “I like learning maths”.
Leila – “I like doing computer work”.
Georgia – “I like doing maths”.
Joseph – “I like doing phonics”.
Tommy – “I like writing stories”.
Maisie – “I like doing maths”.
Leo – “I like learning about numbers”.