Campaign for Safe Speed Limit in Eastington

Petition Update

Firstly, thank you to everyone who went out of their way to sign the petition.

The response was promising but realistically not substantial enough to make real change.
Since this petition, it has been brought to our attention that from January 2022, the Stroud Council Environmental Protection will be placing an air quality sampling station close to Alkerton Cross, thanks to a concerned Eastington resident.

As well as the air quality monitoring, we have been advised to take advantage of the council’s ‘Big Community Offer: Highways – Your Way’. This initiative is funded 50/50 by the Parish Council and GCC Highways and enables local communities to deal with road safety, Lorry Watch Schemes, roadside planning, grass maintenance, and more.

To qualify for the Big Community Offer we need a dedicated group of Eastington residents. Once established, we can approach the Parish Council to help attain a village that is

● safer
● peaceful
● eco-friendly
● cooperative
● attractive

For further details on this initiative please visit:

If you live on Bath Road, Alkerton, or Spring Hill and would like to take a serious role in this campaign  please email to express your interest.

Please note that this role requires time and commitment!