Middle Hall Farm Milk

Eastington Farm Shop is very excited to let you know that we now have milk from our own dairy herd available. The milk is unhomogenised, batch pasteurised, whole milk – just like it used to be. It is sold in reusable glass bottles. Plastic free, and zero food miles.

The herd is milked on the farm, the milk is pasteurised on the farm and sold right here at the shop.

Many of you that walk the footpaths from Cress Green would have seen, or walked amongst the herd that are producing the wonderful white stuff!
We currently milk 180 cows, twice a day, 365 days a year. Our pedigree cows have family lines that can be traced back 80 years to when our family started farming in Claypits.

We are moving towards a more sustainable method of farming known as regenerative agriculture. One aspect of this is working and creating habitats for wildlife to thrive within the farm. Some of you will have noticed the new trees planted (200 and counting!) – all native species and bee hives too. We have lots more plans for trees, hedges, wild flower pollinator strips and winter bird food.

By buying our milk you are helping to improve the environment and wildlife in the fields we are all lucky enough to enjoy.

We are continuing to improve the shop to provide you all with fresh produce from the local area and beyond. As well as our delicious coffees we now have a “Make your own Milkshake” bar.
You will be pleased to know indoor seating is back ready for a Great British Summer!

We look forward to seeing you all very soon.
Eastington Farm Shop Team.