Wild Hogs – Hedgehog Rescue


Registered Charity no: 1168800
Hedgehog admissions: 07949 976 717
General Enquiries: wildhogsoffice@gmail.com


Lucky Severn Lottery
Stroud District Council has launched a weekly lottery for good causes in the area. Tickets cost £1 per week and 50% of tickets sold through our page will go to Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue. Please support us if you can:

Watch hedgehogs – Live!
From the end of March, you will be able to watch some of our local hedgehogs live. Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue, tech charity Making Pi with support from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society are putting out intelligent feeding stations into gardens where there are strong hedgehog populations. The feeding stations upload videos of the visiting hedgehogs with their weight recording to a website which everyone can access: http://severnside.hedgehogrepublic.org/

We already have five feeding stations in Kingsway and we will now have five in Arlingham to enable us to compare suburban and rural hedgehog populations. We know that suburban hedgehogs are doing much better than rural hedgehogs and we want to learn more so we can help them. If the hedgehog has been treated by us it will be microchipped; the feeding stations can read these and identify the individual. Please do visit the website at the end of March and see who is visiting our feeding stations.

You can also help hedgehogs in your own garden:

● Put out clean water and cat food every night
● Make a ‘hedgehog highway’ with your neighbour
● Put a ramp in your pond so they can climb out
● Keep your dog on a lead after dark
● Leave piles of dry leaves and open compost heaps
● Check carefully for hedgehogs before you mow or strim, especially ln long grass or weeds.
● Light bonfires only on the day you make them