The Big Green Coffee Machine in the OHMG car park

Well spring seems to have arrived in Eastington and down at the OHMG field another welcome addition has turned up in the form of the Big Green Coffee Machine.

For those of you that haven’t seen it yet it’s a beautiful old double decker bus and the owner, Louise, is providing delicious plant based food and drinks for us locals.

All the fare is locally sourced and seasonal so look forward to delightful cakes, flapjacks and savoury food such as the ‘no’ sausage rolls, yum!

As the weather improves, there are plans for fruit based ice lollies and low sugar, natural fruit based drinks. Not to mention nature engaging activities for the kids over Easter.

What a fabulous addition to village life and perfect timing when we shouldn’t stray too far.

BGCM is there Weds to Sunday, for daily menus see the
FaceBook page: The Big Green Coffee Machine.

When you visit the BGCM please observe all the current Covid restrictions.

Gill Glover