Eastington Primary School – Red Nose Day

Many of you may know that Comic Relief believes that a fair world, free from poverty, is possible, and that those closest to the issues have the best solutions. They partner amazing projects and organisations that are working to tackle some of the biggest challenges people face.

At school we learned about a boy called Ethan who has cerebral palsy – a brain condition which impacts on development. Ethan attended STEPS Education Centre which helped him build his physical strength and taught him how to communicate using Makaton (a form of sign language). Ethan loves to run and play with his friends in school now. You can find out more this amazing story here:

Comic Relief also believes in the power of funny! Our School Council representatives thought about lots of fun ideas we could do to raise money.

Every class enjoyed Red Nose Day in different ways – red nose and spoon obstacle races, a jokathon and a Red Nose Day riddle hunt. Our class had enjoyed a talent competition, the Red Nose Day quiz and we designed red noses too. We had four winning designs!


Everyone was kind and generous and together we raised a wonderful £169. We know it will make a real difference when joined together with all the fund raising that other schools across the country undertook. Changing lives and helping everyone be the best they can while having fun – brilliant.

Class 4

Enjoy a few photos of the school having fun too….