Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue

Thank you for your support of this charity which cares for and rehabilitates sick and injured hedgehogs. We are remaining open to admissions during lockdown. If you find a sick or injured hedgehog, please call us to arrange a no-contact handover.
Hedgehog admissions: 07949 976717 General Enquiries: wildhogsoffice@gmail.com

Hibernation guide

Hibernation is a natural part of hedgehog lifecycles and the best place for healthy adult hedgehogs is out in the wild.

We only accept admissions of healthy hedgehogs that are too small to hibernate.
( less than 450gm approx).

In mild weather please keep feeding hedgehogs (cat food – dry or wet and water) and in colder weather please do continue to put out clean water as all wildlife will benefit from this.

Here are our top 5 facts about hibernation:
1. Hedgehogs can hibernate successfully weighing as little as 450g
2. Hedgehogs only hibernate when temperatures drop below 5 degrees C
3. Hedgehogs emerge from hibernation when temperatures rise above 10 degrees C
4. Hedgehog heart rate decreases from 190 per minute to a 20 beats per minute
5. Hedgehog body temperature drops from 35 degrees C to 10 degrees C or less

You can help by building hedgehog houses or providing natural nesting spots in your garden. Hedgehogs like open compost heaps, brushwood and dry places under hedges and sheds. The nests need to be warm and dry. Providing dry leaves and hay for bedding will help the hedgehogs to create the best nest.

Please remember to be careful with bonfires. To hedgehogs, these looks like the perfect nest – please always build the bonfire on the day you are going to light it, or move the bonfire before you start and light on one side only to provide an escape route for animals that may otherwise get trapped inside.

Registered Charity no: 1168800