Be a good neighbour

Dog Mess

We know that most of you are civilised people and pick up after your dog.

If you are not one of these people, yet, please read on.

You would not leave your own poo on people’s doorsteps, or gardens or on the pavement, would you? Then why leave your dog’s?? (Or allow your dog to roam free to do it). Dog waste, even from a very clean and well looked after dog, is more toxic than human waste, and a real danger to children and other animals.

The point is that a dog’s digestive system can handle just about anything – and often does – which can make its output toxic without any harm to the dog. Even in the fields dog poo is a real problem. Amongst many other nasties, it can contain parasites, one of which can cause abortion in cows (and potentially in people too). At least one of our local farmers has lost calves this way.

Horse and cow waste consists mostly of grass and water and breaks down quickly so is much less of a problem. The output from your dog, on the other hand, can hang around for a long time, breeding bacteria all the while.

Please bag it up and dispose of properly in litter bins or your dustbin. Thank you.



This is a another subject which has caused much debate lately – around bonfire night, of course, but this will apply at New Year – and other celebrations as well when the noise may be least expected.

The first thing to remember is that fireworks are dangerous. Every year in the UK, children are injured and over 100 fires in homes and buildings are caused by fireworks.

In addition, the noise of explosions causes an immense amount of distress and even death to wildlife, farm animals and pets. Not to mention the farmers, the pet owners and anyone with PTSD.

We know that fireworks are pretty, and you may enjoy them – but please spare a thought for those you are harming while you do so. Always take the trouble to warn those around you if you intend letting off fireworks – and make sure that you get them from a reputable, licensed source, for your own safety.

Some of the damage they do can be reduced by choosing the lower noise versions – they can be just as pretty and enjoyable. There is currently a petition for parliament to consider limiting the permitted maximum noise from firework explosions which you may care to consider signing –

And there is already one MP who is trying to find out the national mood about fireworks generally. You may wish to take part in his survey – see his website here:

Please be a considerate neighbour!