Parish Matters 183

As I am writing this, the summer seems to have deserted us. I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the sunshine while it was around – and I hope you are all staying safe as Covid-19 rears its ugly head again.

We are still having problems with litter in the Playpark and I become concerned when it is an older member of our community who is picking up litter left by younger people. If you see someone leaving litter, please ask them to take it home with them. A clean and tidy play area will help us keep the park safe and welcoming to all visitors.

Parish Council is still conducting meetings virtually. If you would like to join in these meetings please get in touch. It was good to welcome some of our new residents from Great Oldbury at our last meeting.

We are still trying to contact Highways on several issues but, as with most departments, many personnel are working from home. This leads to employees covering other areas of the county. We will, however, continue to press for repairs to be carried out.

There is another vacancy for a Parish Councillor. We will be advertising soon, in fact, the notice may already be on the notice board by the time you read this. Anyone interested in applying should contact the Clerk at

Muriel Bullock Chair – Eastington Parish Council –

07715962309 01453 826172