Editorial 183

Hello Everyone,,

The evenings are really drawing in now, and there can be little doubt that our half of the world is slowly turning that little bit further away from the sun. But with that comes the harvest – which, if the community orchard is anything to go by, has been a bumper one. Even in these days of freezers and supermarkets, there is real joy to be had in making jam, bottling fruit and otherwise storing up a little bit of that sunshine to enjoy and share with others in the darker months.

We may be getting a bit fed up with ‘cosy evening in’, but the prospect of doing so with crumpets, a blazing fire if you are lucky enough to still have a hearth, and big, cuddly jumpers does make it seem seem just a little more inviting.

One again ECN is bereft of the usual flurry of posters for up-coming events – but it is heartening to see that people are finding ways to keep up some of our traditional village happenings by doing things a bit differently. The virtual Flower and Veg show is one obvious example. Page 24 highlights yet another – this time with no internet required! Do join in the Eastington Halloween Window Trail – it is a bit of risk-free seasonal fun for everyone.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

Be kind to one-another, and stay safe!

Jan, Tom and Mary