Eastington Community Orchard Group

Due to the Covid situation, The ECO group will not be holding a public Apple Day this year. However, apples still grow – so we are processing as many as we can, in small groups, to ensure that there are some supplies of bottled sunshine for those who want them. They will be going on sale at the Farm Shop soon, and Christmas packs will be available later on.

Emma Levan – of Raffles Forest School fame – here loads up the club press with apples that have been shredded/crushed in the the scratter.

The crushed apples are wrapped in a porous cloth which is moulded into a wooden frame (the parcel is called a ‘cheese’). The frame is removed, and the cheeses are stacked in the press, layered with with wooden separators to help the juice escape when the pressure is applied by turning the screw at the top.

The juice will later be heated to 85 degrees C before pouring into sterilised bottles and tightly capped. After a wash, polish and label, they come out like this, and will keep fresh for many months.


A New Bench for Brownings Orchard.

Some useable wood was reclaimed from renovations of the decking at OHMG community centre, which Tom could not bear to see go to waste, so he decided to make a picnic bench for Brownings orchard. This was really chunky wood and the result was HEAVY! – but the guys managed to transport it from Tom’s garage on the trailer and (with a ‘little’ help) plant it in Brownings Orchard for all to enjoy.