Eastington Methodist Church

Where is your priority? – God or Toilet Rolls?

We live in surreal times. At the time of writing, the supermarket shelves have been stripped and on the TV people can be seen walking across the supermarket car park under the load of enough toilet rolls to keep them going for many weeks. What do they think is going to happen; why is this happening? The world has been hit by the shock news that modern mankind, even with sophisticated science, is not after all, capable to solving every issue instantaneously. A tiny virus, which was more or less unknown at the start of this year, has already trashed stock markets, filled hospitals and caused massive lifestyle changes, looks like it has the capacity to continue to do so for many weeks if not months and even years.

Government and society in general has largely dispensed with any faith in God and Jesus His Son. Things that are unambiguously declared as wrong and evil in the Bible are not just tolerated but are encouraged. Has all this “progressive thinking” made people happier on the whole? – I think not. There are a lot of things that would justify God’s anger: greed (back to toilet rolls), hate, sexual immorality, selfishness, leading others astray, 200,000 abortions per year, and above all, not seeking God and ignoring Him.

Is COVID-19 a pestilence sent by God to judge the world? – possibly; but with about a 1% or 2% death rate and that largely of people with a life limiting medical condition, it could be a lot worse (the Black Death was nearer 33% including children). Should we regard it as a shot across the bow – I think we would be wise to do so. God responds to repentance at both the individual and societal level; you might like to read the story of Jonah in the Bible and what happened in Nineveh where God threatened to destroy the city because of sin but they saved themselves by repenting. If you don’t have access to a Bible, our Youth Club made a video of the story and it is on the EMC website.

So the challenge is whether we get on our knees and seek God or get in the queue in the hope of getting more toilet rolls before they run out again.

If you want to talk to us about any questions you have or fears you are experiencing due to the current situation and/or about salvation in Christ; please contact us.

What is Happening at EMC and how can we help?

Like most churches, all of our regular services and community activities have been suspended until further notice in accordance with the Government’s attempt to slow down the rate of coronavirus infections so that the NHS is in a better position to cope. This includes our church services, the toddler groups and Friday youth club. Please expect these to resume when the advice changes and we will update the website and notice board when we know what is happening.
In the meantime, we are gearing up to provide practical and spiritual help and this will most likely be in co-operation with community wide initiatives which will probably be outlined elsewhere inEastington Community News.

We are aware that there will be people who will feel isolated and lonely and possibly afraid at this time whether or not practical help is also needed.
Please feel free to make contact by phone for a chat or to get advice as to where to find help.


Roz Wisniewski (Youth & Families Worker) 0776 190 2249

Beck Burgin 0751 119 7265 or 01453 827414

Rev. Phil Summers (Minister) 01453 542565

In amongst it all, we must not forget that, in April, it is Easter. It seems very unlikely that we will be able to celebrate it together in church and that disappointment is made all the greater as we had lined up Rev. David King to take our Easter Day service this year. We were really looking forward to this.

Easter is the culmination of Christ’s ministry on Earth when He was killed on the cross on Good Friday and then raised from the dead on Easter Sunday. There is deep meaning in this as it is through His death that we are saved for eternal life with Him. It is a free gift, it is not earned, it cannot be inherited from your family but it is a gift that has to be accepted through faith.

There have been many feature films made about Easter, some of them blockbusters. Many seem to focus upon the events leading to the crucifixion of Jesus and some don’t even go as far as the resurrection. One exception is the 2016 film RISEN by Joseph Finnes which very much focuses on the time after Easter. If it is in the programme schedules or you have access to one of the Internet streaming services, you might like to watch it.

If you want to talk to us about Easter or how to accept God’s offer of forgiveness and salvation, please call.

For up to date information and a lot more, visit www.EastingtonMethodists.org.uk.

Ken Burgin – Senior Steward at Eastington Methodist Church