Eastington Community Land Trust

Just as the weather was improving…….Covid-19 shuts us down

By the end of February, we were feeling positive about the progress that E.G.Carter were making, coping with wind (no fences fell down) and rain (remember Storm Dennis?). This was the scene in mid-February, with foundations coming out of the ground but surrounded by standing water (and mud).

The saving grace was that, despite the mud, the spine road gave the vehicles a sound base.
March stared with the spine road being joined to the public highway, allowing better access and making wheel washing more successful.

Good progress too on the foundations, which here are fully ready to ground floor level, able to take the timber framing.

But – by then Covid-19 had begun to take it’s toll, reducing the framing workforce from two gangs to one. The first set of homes (four flats) was fully framed when the site became un-workable.

A glimmer of the future, then frustration.

ECLT Development to be called Fullers Close

Our original preference was for ‘Puddleworth Close’, but this was disallowed as being too close to existing ‘Puddleworth Lane’. Stroud DC and the Post Office have now agreed with our suggested name, Fullers Close.

The clay of Claypits was used to support all three of Eastington’s cloth-making mills. In the process of ‘Fulling’ the clay combined with the lanolin in the wool to provide bulk to the material, historically producing military uniforms and still providing tennis ball covers and snooker cloths today at Lodgemoor Mills, Ebley.

ECLT is a Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Societies Act 2014, registration number 7425
registered address: Hazel Cottage, Millend, Eastington, Stonehouse, Glos. GL10 3SF, www.eastingtonclt.uk 01453 823425