Eastington Community Orchards AGM

2018-2019 Annual General Meeting

Members reflected on a quiet year, with inclement weather tending to happen at inconvenient times. Funds are stable around the £1,000 mark but Coneygree Orchard Warden Kevin Dalby observed that, with 58 established trees, our call for major expenditure was much reduced.

The main activities at Coneygree are now in the hands of Emma Levan – and the children who joyfully attend Forest School every Monday.
Emma (pictured right, front) was voted onto the Committee to ensure we make the most of the children’s participation.
Most of their projects are achieved through re-cycling old materials – no strain on budgets there!

Brownings Orchard Warden, Debbie Cunningham, led the committee in thanking John Morris for his unstinting efforts on the John Deere mower. John and David Aston were thanked for organising several barbeques, which increased the sociability of work parties.

The meeting was an opportunity to review progress in the decade – a history lesson for newer members and a trip down memory lane for the founder members.

Having set up ECO in 2010, Tom Low stepped down as Chair, to be replaced by Wendy Fabbro.
Wendy has been an enthusiastic worker since she and Jon came to the parish, as can be seen in this 2017 planting work party at Brownings Orchard (retiring Chair taking it easy, even then).

All other committee members were re-elected, ensuring a continuity for the hand-over of leadership.

A work party schedule for spring pruning will be circulated in early February.