Health Class Celebrates 8 Years at the Community Centre.

Chinese Medicine Practitioner and best-selling Author Christopher Handbury celebrates his 8th year of teaching his Qigong health and healing classes at the Eastington community centre.

You may not have heard of Qigong before (pronounced Chee-Gong), but you may be familiar with other Eastern practices like Yoga and Tai Chi. The main difference between the three is that Qigong is primarily a medical health system, but all have great therapeutic value.

In China’s hospitals, physical movements and mindful methods are prescribed as part of your recovery, often alongside acupuncture, massage and herbal therapies. You would visit the hospital or clinic for treatment and then practice specific exercises at home to encourage the healing process.

Qigong is often described as ‘energy work’ or ‘vital breath’ and aims to restore the balance of the body and mind when illness and injury cause symptoms of physical and emotional pain. Christopher says, “we all need to learn ways to manage our health and to feel happy everyday so we can become our own doctors for better health… Qigong can show you how”.

Following a car accident in 2002, which left him with a neck injury and years of chronic pain, Christopher found his solution in the traditional medical practice of Qigong.
He has now been studying Qigong for the past 16 years and teaching locally for 10 years. He currently studies and trains with some of the worlds leading health systems and teachers. Last year he began publishing his teaching of Qigong, his book titled ‘What is Qigong? A step-by step guide to growing a successful daily practice of Qigong’ has become a best-selling book and received worldwide acclaim from other practitioners and students alike. His second book is due for release early 2020.

During Christopher’s Qigong classes students learn how to treat and relieve many common symptoms of poor health, how to choose the right foods for the seasons to improve energy, which points on the body you can massage to treat pains and injuries and how to calm and restore harmony to the emotions so we can live a less stressful daily life. “We are a school that teaches you how to actively be part of your own health journey and have some fun along the way too!” he says.
In celebration of his 8 years at the community centre and as a thank you for local support over the years,

Christopher is offering a special discount to ECN readers for his January ‘ Back School’ course and for those attending his Qigong class a free copy of his book to help new students with their learning journey.

You can contact Christopher at The Stonehouse Holistic Centre on 01453 828000
or visit for Qigong class information.