Ecotricity – FGR Stadium

Ecotricity – FGR Stadium – Second Planning Application and First Application Appeal

Ecotricity are trying our patience and soaking up Stroud DC planning staff time (and our money) by pursuing a twin-track of:

      1. A second application, possibly to be heard in mid-December by SDC
      2. An appeal to H.M Inspectorate against refusal of the first application,scheduled for 18-21st February 2020

1. The Second Planning Application

There may or may not be a special meeting of the Development Control Committee for this application in mid December. You can still send in objections on the Stroud DC planning website, reference S.19/1418/OUT.
In theory, although virtually identical, this will be treated as a new application, so you do need to make a new response.

Watch social media for announcements, in case there is a date fixed. When it is, you can attend the meeting at Ebley Mill. Last time both of our District Councillors, the Parish Council, KER and William Morris College all spoke against the stadium and there were two dozen people to support them – this counts with Councillors.

2. The Appeal (against the first application’s refusal) and Public Hearing – Starting 18th February

This process is organised by the Government Inspectorate in Bristol but normally involves extensive preparation by both sides. Both Ecotricity and Stroud DC are likely to have solicitors and barristers to brief too – so this date really seems to have been set in unusual haste.

Previous objections/support will be presented to the inspector, and all people who previously responded should have been notified of the appeal date (over 250, we understand, but some seem to have been missed out.) You have until December 10th to add anything.

  • If you DID object and have NOT been notified – complain to Stroud DC planners on (01453) 754871
  • By all means make an extra objection to the Inspector. Bear in mind that if FGR really want a ‘Championship’ stadium ( as they say they do) they should be asking for 20,000+ seats to be considered – try that for traffic!

The Parish Council will vote soon to appoint a specialist planning consultant to represent Eastington. He/she will collate all the objections since this whole saga kicked off in 2017 and attend the 4-day Public Hearing.

Anyone who has responded can attend the Public Hearing but you may be be limited to 3 minutes if you want to address the Inspector. It is really worth turning up for a session or two, however, to show the Inspector that we care.

We will bring you more details in the February/March Eastington News.

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