Eastington Methodist Church

It is nearly that time of year again when once again we celebrate Christmas and when EMC encourages everyone to think about its true meaning (which isn’t turkey, chocolate or spending a fortune in the shops second guessing what relatives and friends might want by way of presents). Its about a baby in a far off land with a culturally unsound start in life being visited by shepherd and wise men and then at risk of death thanks to a paranoid despot. The next generation of those in power got him and He was killed on the cross. In doing so, He made a way by which we can be reconciled to God and be saved. Now that is a priceless gift and not one to try and get a refund for!

Our two Café Church services in December will be concentrating on Christmas with the one on the 8th being in the form of one of our Messy events. The one on the 15th will be Carols at the Café. In the New year we will revert to looking at the stories in Genesis, the first book of the Bible with the Call of Abraham on January 12th and God’s Covenant and the Birth of Isaac on the 19th

At 10:30am on CHRISTMAS DAY we will be having our Christmas service. This will be suitable for all ages and will be led by our own Minister, Revd. Phil Summers.

Generally, our normal round of activities will continue until Sunday 22nd December when there will be a break until Sunday 5th January. The exceptions will be our Sunday morning services which will continue throughout and Youth Club is expected to be running on the 3rd January but not on December 27th.

On the Youth Club front, we have seen a good influx of younger members in recent months and we would be interested in hearing from any Christians living in the area who might be interested in helping us run it. We would need to carry out DBS background checks and there would be training opportunities. Please get in contact if interested.

We are also seeking to appoint a new church Youth and Families Worker. This is a 20 hour a week part time paid post with an application deadline of 6th January. Details are available on the church webpages.    www.eastingtonmethodists.org.uk/