Wild Hogs Hedgehog Rescue 177

Hello from Wild Hogs.

Well by the time you read this we’ll be into Autumn and maybe we’ll be slightly less busy in the hospital. We’ve had the busiest summer ever, and by half way through August had treated as many hedgehogs as we did in the whole of 2018. So many of our patients this year have been orphaned or abandoned babies, often three or four in a litter – very time-consuming for our volunteers .

We’ve had good success rates though, and have released many back into their original locality. Yet still they arrive – second litters now – so the hospital is still almost full to capacity.

As the Autumn descends upon us, continue with leaving food and water down for the hedgehogs and please don’t panic if you see one out and about in the cold weather, its much better to leave them out in the wild rather than them live in rescue, although we are more than happy for you to ring us to check. If we do have consecutive frosts however with the ground being continually hard and you see in particular small hedgehogs then please do give us a call.

We had a wonderfully successful Open Day in August. Strangely we didn’t have great expectations as the weather forecast was pretty awful. However, we made arrangements to use the Village Hall rather than only our own driveway, and so many people braved the rain and wind to come and support us. Shortly after 11am when it opened, the hall was packed and people were queuing to get in. Despite the gazebo outside the hospital collapsing in the squally conditions, we calculated that about 250 people took the chance to have a guided tour inside, before returning to the hall for refreshment. As well as a good selection of cakes and the usual tombola and bric-a-brac, we had activities for children and some really lovely craftwork for sale. Many thanks to everyone who came along.