Chipman’s Platt Roundabout – Eastington’s biodiversity hotspot!

My heart sank when the contractors Knights Brown started work on the A419 at Chipman’s Platt. Part of their work involved stripping topsoil off part of the roundabout and I feared that an area of interesting flora might be irreparably damaged. We know that our wildlife is under increasing pressure from human activity and every wildlife sanctuary, however tiny, is really very precious.

The good news is that the topsoil was replaced when the job was finished and the disturbed area is now re-greening nicely. In the Spring, we will see if the meadow flowers that support many butterflies, insects and other invertebrates re-grow. I’m hoping for, and expecting the best. So thank you, Knights Brown, for caring for our biodiversity hotspot.

Val Taylor

**  for more info on the roundabout see Dec 2017 article

and also the  April 2019 article  explaining the works required