From our Neighbourhood Warden

Tips for the spring and summer

Hopefully we will enjoy a few hot days over the spring and summer; there are a few things that we still need to consider, staying safe and look after our property / possessions and living next door to our neighbours.

  •  Remember to close your window when you leave your house, you don’t want uninvited visitors.
  • If you are working in your garden either the front or back please lock the door you can’t see.
  •  When you go on holiday have timers to turn table lamps on and off, this helps give the impression someone is at home.
  • Ask your neighbour to draw your curtains in the morning and the evenings
  • Respect your neighbours when you have a bonfire, no one likes their laundry smelling of smoke or their house filled with smoke or not being able to sit in their garden due to the smoke.
  • Respect your neighbours when playing music; think of volume and how long you play the music for.
  • If you are having a party in your garden please speak to your neighbours and let them know you are having one; they can be prepared.
  • In the summer we might have our bedroom windows open at night and you might hear noises that normally you wouldn’t hear when your windows are closed. Please be considerate if you leave your house early or come home late in the evening, as people are sleeping.
  • If you have animals don’t forget they need to keep cool as well and don’t leave dogs in your vehicles.
  • Always pick up the dogs fouling when you are out walking your dog, no one likes to see or step in to dogs mess.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me Carol Novoth, Neighbourhood Warden. or mobile 07970250343.