Eastington Methodist Church

On a quiet, calm night 107 years ago, the White Star ocean liner Titanic impacted an iceberg with a glancing blow. What happened next has horrified and fascinated people ever since and it is a story of many “what ifs”.

ith hindsight, if just one thing had been different, the outcome could well have been very different including in no particular order: enough lifeboats, less speed, the nearby ship California interpreting the distress rockets correctly and/or having it’s radio switched on, being a couple of hundred metres further north or south, the captain heeding the iceberg warnings or even hitting the iceberg head on (which would have bent the front but not sunk the ship). If only they had foresight.

What about our lives? Are we steaming at full speed into the future ignoring the warnings and hoping for the best without God? The Bible is full or warnings and is very clear about the consequences of ignoring them. Whether we collide into one of life’s icebergs or whether we have a safe and comfortable life with few problems, in the end we all need a lifeboat – our physical bodies are not designed to last forever. For Christians, Jesus is that lifeboat and there is no other. Most importantly, a lifeboat is of no use if it cannot be found or if there is no seat reserved for you.

nderstanding the Easter Story is a good start in making sure you have a place in God’s lifeboat so why not join us this season to find out more?

Both of the April Café Church sessions have an Easter theme with the first exploring Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to the exuberant acclaim of the people.The second one falls on Easter Sunday when we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead.
In the intervening week, Jesus’ popularity turned into hostility and the crowds that had shouted “Hosanna” only a few days before shouted “Crucify”.
We will be holding a Good Friday service of reflection at 10:30am on April 19th.

On the Wednesday before Easter (in the school holidays) we have another Messy Church which is suitable for all ages; even the very young.

We are taking a small number of young people to Spring Harvest at Butlins in Minehead during the first week of the school holidays so there won’t be a Youth Club on Friday April 12th but there will be one on the 19th (Good Friday).

From Easter, those children currently in Year 6 are welcome to join the Youth Club which runs on Friday evening from 7:00 – 9:00pm. Any parent with questions is welcome to contact us or pop in to see what we do and satisfy themselves that we have appropriate safeguarding proceedures in place.

The May Café Church sessions on Sunday 12th & 19th are on the themes of Following Jesus (being called) and Going out for Jesus (being sent).

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