The Bridleway (EEA33) and West of Stonehouse

During the installation of the haul road, the Bridleway crossing point had to be closed for a couple of days towards the end of January. Following this, the developers have given a re-assurance that they should be able to keep it open, now, by manually controlling the crossing point. The following is part of a statement by the developers to the GCC footpaths officer:-

‘…….. will have permanent access across the Bridleway on manned gates meaning any closures will be very short duration (5 – 10 mins a time). This is likely to be fairly frequent and on a daily basis though.Please pass on to the planning officer that we will do whatever is required by them, regarding the Bridleway and access, to keep the surrounding residents from being inconvenienced.

Once established and for the remaining duration of the building work (to that parcel of land), anyone walking ‘half way down the footpath’ to find it closed would experience something more like a train crossing where hopefully they would be able to wait briefly after which they could proceed with their journey.

Naturally we will have this fact well signed along the footpath to help awareness this is the case.
This is my plan for managing the closure moving forwards’.

If you experience any further closures, please contact
Sarah Macaulay-Lowe
Gloucestershire County Council, Public Rights of Way Officer, Stroud District 07586 548245