District Councillors’ Newsletter February 2019

As ever it is planning that is the main theme of this month’s article, but before I go onto that let me make a couple of other points:

● As you read this Stroud District Council will be working on it’s new budget and although there are continued pressures on Local Government finances, the financial situation is not as bad as originally feared after the Government opted not to make SDC pay £500,000 to the Government.

● Stroud District Council’s recent ‘Residents and Business Survey’ again saw a high level of satisfaction with the services provided.

● The new Stroud District Council Chief Executive Kathy O’Leary has started, and as part of getting familiar with the District is planning to visit the Ward and attend the February Eastington Parish Council meeting on the 14th February.

So over to planning:

● The Ecotricity Stadium Application was due to go to the Development Control Committee on the 12th February but this has been postponed as all the information and assurances required from Ecotricity have not been provided. It will come to a dedicated Development Control Committee but at the time of writing this had not been scheduled.

● By the time you read this the Consultation period on the Emerging Local Plan will have closed but this process will continue with an updated version that will then go to Council for approval.

As ever if you have any questions please contact

Stephen Davies at cllr.stephen.davies@stroud.gov.uk or 07802 595 307 or
John Jones at cllr.john.jones@stroud.gov.uk. or 0780 8922918.