PROWD – Public Rights of Way Defenders

Well, as you are all probably aware, the ‘Great Oldbury’ development is going-on at a pace with more and more houses being built. Unfortunately, some of the footpaths are already closed, and some of the other footpaths and bridleways will be temporarily closed from time to time, over the next couple of years!! So, it will be a bit of a ‘dogs dinner’ until the estate is completed.

However, I’m pleased to say, that thanks to Farmer Andrew Cozens agreement, and financial help,FOUR new kissing gates were installed on his farm last week,…………….. now his farm is completely ‘stile-free’. Thank you Andrew. Also a big ‘thank you’ to the South District Working Party of the Cotswold Wardens for doing the installations so efficiently, and with good humour.

I have recently obtained permission from Sara, at Fromebridge Mill, to install a kissing gate on their land next to the A38. T his will mean that walkers from Eastington using footpath EEA46 along the river Frome, will be able to walk straight across the A38 to the Fromebridge Mill without walking up to the traffic island along a busy road, then down their long driveway. This route will be quicker but also a lot safer. I hope to have this done within the next couple of months…… weather permitting!

By the time you read this I am hoping that some stone will have been laid in the bottom field by Middle Street. This should make it a lot less muddy, and easier to walk during the wetter weather. “Thank you” to our Parish Council for funding this project.

Let’s hope that we have some decent walking weather for the next couple of months.

Best wishes for a Happy Yuletide !!

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