Kings Head – Seniors and Juniors getting together

Having spent 18 years working in the social care sector I have an interest in all aspects of supporting those that are vulnerable within our society and developing ways in which we can improve community living, respect and care for one another.
As I sat and watched ‘Old people homes and Four-year olds’ (a documentary on channel four) I said to my husband ‘I want to do that’ and so I did!

Since starting at the Kings Head House I have been very lucky to have been given full support by Anthony to create an activity which enables integrated connection and it has been a delight to watch it go from strength to strength.

The following extracts and results are taken from the channel four documentary which was led by a group of Psychologist’s from Bangor University.
What they found was ‘some life affirming interactions….. the group had more opportunities to develop their social and emotional skills……….What the groups do when they meet can be as relaxed as playing a game or reading a book together…

It may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but research has proven that these interactions can have fantastic benefits for each generation.
In the UK studies have shown that activities that include children and older adults in a day care facility can increase self-esteem and promote friendships.
In the 1950s, it was theorised that adults have a need to contribute to the next generation, and that doing so can give older people feelings of accomplishment or success, rather than stagnation, as they age. Intergenerational activities show elders that they are valued as individuals that still possess lifelong skills, rather than just being passive recipients of care.

These days traditional families can be separated by distance, time and lack of understanding between generations, but programmes that bring children and older people together could change the whole of society’s outlook. Children are the worlds’ future but that doesn’t mean we should consign older generations to the past.

If you would like to get involved, please contact me or any of my fabulous colleagues at he Kings Head and we will answer any of your questions.
Liz Hanks x 01453 822277

Our next session will be on the 21st Dec. 2018 At 10m am. along with our ‘Story and Rhymes’. There will also be Christmas Crafts !