Halloween Walk Oct. 2018

What a night! We were overwhelmed by the amount of little horrors that rocked up to The Badger in a truly frightful manner! There we were greeted and treated with sweets from a wicked witch and her little side kick in their haunted house and as always it was a welcome start to the walk.

Then off we went, what a joy it was to see the trail behind us which we believe was around 100 children. We cannot thank the volunteers that donated their doorsteps and treats all the way around, everyone made such an effort with their decorations and generosity.

Our final destination was The Kings Head House who had decorated, donated sweets, put special Halloween pizzas on and allowed the kids to be kids and run free.
Again, a huge thank you to all our stop offs, The Badger and The Kings Head House without you our wish to make memories for the little ones would not be possible!

Jen and Liz x