Eastington Methodist Church

Here we are, already at the end of 2018 – where did it go!?! As we approach the end of this year and approach the start of another, it might be a good time to ask ourselves where we are going? At the time of writing, the country, and particularly the politicians, seem to have no idea whether we are going to crash out of the European Union, or stay in it, or sit somewhere in between. To be fair (or not), some of the politicians think they know but many seem to be in some sort of a parallel universe bereft of reality.

Christmas so often seems to be subject to the same sort of confusion. Some doubt it happened, or if it did, not the way the Bible tells it. Some look at it as an excuse for a jolly good time and mix in Santa and excesses of one kind or another with little or no real regard as to what it is really all about. Then there are those who understand the profound and fundamental reason for Christmas and accept it for what it is with joy – God’s gift of Jesus to save all who will accept Him. With BREXIT we are all going to end up wherever the process ends up taking us but each one of us has to decide whether to follow Jesus or not and that decision will define our ultimate destiny.

Café Church in December on Sunday 9th and 16th will, as one might expect, have a real feel of Christmas about them starting with the visitation of the angel Gabriel to the young virgin Mary followed by the visiting shepherds and wise men after the birth of Jesus.

Café Church on the 9th will also be followed by lunch for all that wish to stay. The plan is to have curry (not exactly traditional Christmas fayre but at least we won’t be bored with turkey by the 25th this way). There will be alternatives for those who might not like curry and there will be deserts.

Finding a suitable date for Messy Christmas has been a challenge this year as the schools break up very close to Christmas. We have therefore decided to hold it on the afternoon of Sunday 16th December and hope that this will also enable some of those who might otherwise have been working to come along as well. Messy Christmas is ideal for families but is perfectly suitable for older people, teenagers and those who are on their own.

On Christmas Day itself, we will be holding our usual Christmas Day Praise service with loads of carols and the opportunity to wish each other a merry Christmas and even look at each other’s presents.

Over the Christmas holidays, there will be a break in many of our normal activities. Youth Club will run up to and including December 21st and is expected to provisionally resume on Friday 11th January but we will confirm this nearer the time.

Ken Burgin – Senior Steward, Ken, Beck & Liz Burgin 01453 827414